Saint Volodymyr Hill

Searching for a green island in the heart of the business part of the city? There is a spot, appreciated by locals and admired by travelers –  Saint Volodymyr Hill.

Michael Bulgakov called it “the best place on Earth” and there he was walking and searching for inspiration to write his “Master and Margarita” and other masterpieces. No wonder – it’s a place where the love to the city is being born.


Back to the past

Once upon a time, the hill was called Saint Michael’s, because it was located right to the Saint Michael’s Monastery. After Mongol-Tatar invasion, this area was significantly emptied, and the mountain beyond the monastery began to be used as a cemetery. The hill looked totally different than nowadays: there were wooden buildings and vineyards everywhere. Then it was decided that the hill has to be fortified: that’s how the idea of a park appeared.

Monument to Saint Volodymyr

Park on Volodymyr Hill was the first park in Kyiv with free entrance. All the other parks at that time were chargeable, which made Volodymyr Hill full of people throughout the year.

What’s in the name?

Prince Volodymyr The Great, baptizer of Kyiv Rus (in 988)

Many years later the situation changed cardinally:  on the beginning of the 19th century, Kyiv turned from a small fair town into a major provincial city. Local authorities, trying to enhance the status of Kyiv, started to glorify prince Volodymyr, who was famous for baptizing of Kyiv Rus, and for implementing many reforms.

Then, one of the main streets of the city was named after Volodymyr, the main university of the country gets his name, after which a new idea came: to establish a monument to Saint Volodymyr in the city centre. The monument was opened in 1853. After that the Hill got a name of Volodymyr. The interesting fact is, even though many prayings are happening here, the monument was not sanctified.

The Hills is a place with remarkable views over Dnipro river, Trukhaniv Island and the left bank of the city. It is also a great place for watching sunrises.

Kokorov’s Arbor with a Panorama View

Place of power

In the last century the doctors recommended this place for a walk to those who suffered from cardiovascular  and respiratory diseases, explaining it by that fact that the air coming from the Dnipro river is healing for the patients.

It’s a place where every person, if put in the right frame of mind, can connect with the Universe. It’s a sacred place, where people are fed with energy, where the solvation of many problems come up to them.

Michael Bulgakov, the author of “Master and Margarita” loved the place so much, that transformed some of the book’s locations to Volodymyr’s Hill


Astrologists are saying that the hill is a place of power and it’s easy here to talk to Universe. On the astrological map of the city, the Hill of Volodymyr is located under the 13th sign of the zodiac, called Ophiuchus. The experts are explaining: this sign symbolizes the breakthrough into the space and reaching a new level. No wonders many poets, musicians and artists were calling it “Mecca of inspiration” in Kyiv.

How to get there?

View on Trukhaniv Island and Walking Bridge from the Hill

There are different ways how to get to Volodymyr Hill and all of them will grant you with a pleasure of admirable walking through the city.

  • Walk through the historic center of Kyiv to the Volodymyr Hill

Get off on Zoloti Vorota metro station (green line) and walk through Volodymyrska street to Saint Sophia Cathedral, then pass Saint Michael Square and walk along the Saint Michael Monastery to the Hill.

  • Walk through Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk

Get off on Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station (blue line) and continue walking in the direction of European Square from where you can get to the hill.

  • Ride on the Funicular

The fastest way to get to Volodymyr Hill is to take a ride on the Funicular from Poshtova Square. The entrance to the Funicular is right near the Poshtova Square Metro (blue line).


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