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Kyiv Full Day Tour

Are you coming to Kyiv and feel like 3-4 hours walking tour is not enough to learn the city? You can book your Full Day Tour and we will be exploring this awesome City together for the whole day.
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About tour

Explore the captivating city of Kyiv on an individual walking tour in Kyiv. Walk to the golden domes through hidden backyards, have coffee at authentic cafes, and savor traditional Ukrainian food.

Climb the Kyiv hills, sneak into old buildings, and visit outstanding cathedrals, standing close to half-ruined, abandoned architectural gems. Let’s watch sunsets from the best panorama spots in Kyiv or take photos to memorize your trip.

And why not end our tour in Kyiv with live music in a hidden local bar, creating the perfect end to a memorable day?

6 hours

From 7000 UAH *
*The price may vary depending on the number of people

Tour highlights

Customized route
Don't miss a thing with a unique walking plan made just for you. Enjoy Kyiv at your most comfortable pace.
Architectural gems
Explore diverse Kyiv architecture - from old cathedrals to soviet modernism and decayed historical buildings.
Local culture
Dive into local culture: enjoy colorful murals, eccentric sculptures or listen to the street live music. Explore Kyiv like a local.
Awesome breaks
Make a stop to take photos at some scenic spots, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of beer, and taste delicious local cuisine.


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Spent our first full day in Kyiv with Alina. She met us at the airport and called for a taxi. As we freshened up at our hotel Alina ran to get us the tastiest pies! We might have gone back for those same pies numerous times during our stay! We toured parts of the city, stopped for a delicious lunch, more sightseeing, and then coffee at the most adorable little shop. At the end of the tour, Alina shared her top picks for dining and shopping! Alina never ran out of energy or excitement sharing her city! Touring Kyiv with Alina was like walking around with an old friend. She is energetic, smart and quite funny! We saw Kyiv from a unique perspective with Alina. The things that she pointed out would have easily been overlooked or completely missed if we were on our own. This tour is a “must” if you are visiting this amazing city!
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Alina was an excellent guide. I travelled for work from Sydney on my first big solo trip overseas. I was far away from my wife and children which is something I don't like to do often so finding someone friendly like Alina to show me around town was invaluable. As well as many of the top tourist spots she showed me hidden coffee nooks, beautiful abandoned buildings and secret restaurants. My Ukranian is limited but her English was excellent so communication was not a problem. Alina showed me Kyiv in a way you would probably never see otherwise and I fell in love with it. I highly recommend Alina for your future visits to Kyiv and I will definitely be catching up with her again on my next visit. Thanks Alina!
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My Husband had his Best Birthday trip ever! First time to Kyiv and it was worth visiting! We wanted to know the historical background of the city. It wouldn’t have been possible without Alina. She is brilliantly amazing. We spent the entire day sightseeing and had a lovely dinner in the end of the tour. We dont realize how time flies when we are in good company. In one day we felt like we knew the city already. She is excellent in imparting a broad view of KYIV’s history, culture and lifestyle. She made us fall in love with KYIV and Ukrainian food for sure! She is genuinely generous in spirit. She was kind enough to help us find a restaurant because it was quite late at night when we arrived in Kyiv and we were starving. These sort of extra attention really matters! Thank You Alina for recommending us to the nice restaurant for my husband’s birthday celebration! We thoroughly enjoyed the food and best service delivered. All the Very Best for a Bright Future ahead! Highly recommended!
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I had two wonderful days with Alina. I enjoyed walking with her,she has a lot of knowledge about the history of Kyiv. She is a wonderful photographer and has good suggestions for places to eat. Above all,she is a wonderful person and i am so happy i chose her as my guide for Kyiv.
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This is not your typical tour of Kyiv, where you rush around the city hearing dates and ticking off all" must-see" sights. Yes, you will see a number of those, but you will get so much more as you wander the neighbourhoods of Kyiv, with Alina. To me Alina is akin to an artist whose tours are her own creation, as she tells the story of Kyiv and Ukraine. The tour is obviously a labour of love as she shows you Kyiv, warts and all. I had the pleasure of Alina's company one day last week and the time flew by as we stopped for a coffee in an interesting cafe and later for a beer in cool bar. The day ended like a book with more chapters to be written,, leaving with the desire to know how the story plays out. Alina, later went above and beyond as she sent me a detailed itinerary for the next day including restaurant and bar recommendations. You won't get a guide, reciting verbatim what they have read. You will get a witty , charming and intelligent companion, who is passionate about her city and is happy to show you. Take any of Alina's tours and you will be glad you did
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I felt like a local during my trip. Alina stirred my way through the city, diced the sightseeing into many small stories, poached some hidden bars when they look like a garage during the day. She showed Lavra Monastery and Motherland Statue at night to produce volume with beautiful lighting. Simmered the tour with chatting, and fortunately, seasoned my trip with F.r.i.e.n.d.s quotes.
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