Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours

There is no more bliss as living in the city you love. No, wait, there is one: showing this city to other people.

I invite you on my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours – to explore and learn about the city where every meter is different from another one!

I am not a fan of running around the city (unless it’s a marathon) and packing everything just to cross out some points in the to-do-list. I am rather a curious explorer, paying attention to details, seeking for new places, and enjoying a moment.


That’s what we will do on our Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour – enjoying our time together by learning its history, modern life, uncovering new sides of Kyiv, entering its hidden backyards, looking up on imposing or abandoned architecture, finding awesome among awful.

Kiev art

I want you to see Kyiv through my eyes: the eyes of a local who cannot imagine living anywhere else on planet but here.

I offer you Kyiv Hidden Backyards Tour, my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour, Awful Kyiv Walking Tour a customized Full Day Tour, PhotoTour or Personal Photosession, Pechersk All Inclusive Walking Tour, Pirogovo Tour and customized pub crawl for you and your friends or family.

My Awesome Kyiv Tours are only private ones, which means that we agree on day, time, and the tour is made for you or your family or friends. We have our own schedule just for us.

Do you want to make a stop? Let’s drink coffee in some backyards or squat caffee, hidden from the eyes of passer-by. Or you want to have a little break and discuss our tour and life in Kyiv for a while? Let’s do “cheers” for our meeting in a local alternative bar, that used to be a garage just a couple of hours ago! There are many places in Kyiv with great ambiance where I am happy to bring you and give you a feeling of local life.

Let me know about your specific interests or field of work before the tour, and I will try to find out some details about Kyiv that will appeal to you!

I enjoy telling about architecture, real estate in Kyiv, constructions and urban projects, history and entrepreneurship, and most of my tours involve a lot of places that will demonstrate how Kyiv is growing (or falling apart sometimes), where it’s moving, and what locals in Kyiv do for their city.

You will explore beautiful ruination, contrasts of Kyiv – the city where the most interesting things lie just behind the Golden Domes.

Welcome to Awesome Kyiv – as Awesome as you are!

Awesome Kyiv Tour is not just about “come and leave”. We are now good friends with many people, for whom I used to be a guide first. We went for kayaking together, for football plays, we had reunions in other cities, sent presents to each other and even traveled together abroad. It is something that lasts 

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