Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours

Coming to Kyiv and wondering how to see the city and make new friends at the same time? Easy – visit one of the Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours that I organize.


Why to visit Walking Tour?

  • It’s a mix of everything. Awesome Kyiv Tour is a walk around the city’s most prominent places with learning the stories about past, about its modern life, it’s sharing the ideas between locals and foreigners, it’s eating and drinking together, it’s singing together, it’s making new friends, it’s sharing a moment together and making connections which last.
  • It’s fun.It’s not a boring lesson, which you will forget in a couple of hours. It’s about getting to know the city from different points of view. We gather in a bar (or bars) after the tour, sometimes we go to karaoke or just walk around the city at night. Solo travelers usually find here companions for their Kyiv trip and groups of travelers are getting new members.
  • It’s flexible. We do not have a fixed schedule for a tour. We enjoy spending time together, we love to discover new things, to make random decisions and to plan our tour all together. You liked that girl (or boy)? We will wait till you get their number and will go on with a tour. It takes theoretically 3 hours for the excursion, but we used to have 6 hour walks, 8 hour walks, after-bar walks and even the day-after walks.
  • It’s AWESOME.It’s as awesome as Kyiv and as awesome as people who visit it. Do you dare to be really AWESOME?

Price: free

Tips: highly appreciated

Awesome Kyiv Tour is not just about “come and leave”. We are now good friends with many people, for whom I used to be a guide first. We went for kayaking together, for football plays, we had reunions in other cities, sent presents to each other and even traveled together abroad. It is something that lastsAlina Virstiuk, the Awesome Kyiv guide

N.B. At the moment group walking tours are not available. Individual tours only.

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