My heart beats faster every time i hear:

“Cabin crew, prepare for landing”.

Meet your guide

Hello! My name is Alina. I am 27. y.o. I’m a guide, blogger and photographer, creator of Awesome Kyiv Tours, where I am constantly exploring my city: its history&modern life, its contrasts, alternative spots, hidden gems, cafes, bars, architecture, urban decay, backyards, its awesome and awful sides, and, most importantly, showing it to others.

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Do not expect a huge company full of guides here. It’s just me, really. It’s a blog of a guide who cannot imagine her life without this city and making others explore it together with me.

I fell in love with Kyiv after making Bachelor’s Video project in 2016 for my Degree in Journalism. I started my first tour, to find heroes for my video. I explored Kyiv for days and nights, and after months of work decided that I won’t be able to love any city more than Kyiv.

My main interests are photography, urban studies, architecture, history&modern life, and discovering new places.

Love traveling and meeting people from all over the world, but my heart beats faster every time I hear: “Cabin crew, prepare for landing”. I am landing in the best city on Earth, Kyiv. I am where I am supposed to be.

Welcome to AWESOME KYIV! As awesome as you are!

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