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Kyiv Metro Tour

Whatever happens out of the blue, the fact that tomorrow the Kyiv metro will start running at 6 a.m. brings some certainty into unpredictable life.
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Kyiv metro train

About tour

  • Where to find the last not demolished Lenin of Kyiv Metro?
  • Why did Kyiv Underground not become number 3, after London and Istanbul?
  • Where to find the fossilized remains of ancient organisms in Kyiv metro?
  • Why did some stations of Kyiv underground become ghost stations?
  • Are the tunnels of Kyiv metro suitable for producing French cheese?
  • How has the deepest metro station in the world been built?
  • Metro “into nowhere”

Learn more about innovative engineering solutions, challenges, and traditions of Kyiv underground. And no panic when hearing: “The doors are closing” because we will stay and enjoy learning about Kyiv’s most popular public transport.

3 hours

From 3500 UAH *
*The price may vary depending on the number of people

Tour highlights

Underground art
Enjoy the unique art scene of Kyiv underground.
Fascinating history
Learn the history of existing and ghost stations of Kyiv metro.
Innovative solutions
Understand the technological aspects of metro system in Kyiv.
Traditions and challenges
Discover traditions that were born or still exist in Kyiv metro.


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Not all Metros are created equal. And if they were, this one would be more equal than the rest. You could wander around the subway stations on your own I suppose but I recommend seeing them with Alinka as you’ll learn about and appreciate each station much more. I was lucky enough to tour with Alinka and her supercool boyfriend Sasha who, though a Kyiv local himself, learned some things about the Metro as well from Alinka. If that’s not an endorsement what is?
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The tour was fabulous! Not only I got to hang out in the great company of Alinka and another guest but also saw hidden gems of the Kyiv metro shown by our charismatic guide. Even though Kyiv is my hometown, I would never get to learn or even notice all of these interesting details without Alinka. Thanks for the great tour and looking forward to more experiences!
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Alinka is an absolutely incredible guide. You just have to meet her and let her show you Kyiv. She knows so much about the city and is so genuinely engaged in it. And she shows you aspects of Kyiv that you probably couldn’t see on your own. She is also a great story teller and has a wonderful sense of humor. And on top of that she is such a warm, generous and open person. Thank you Alinka for a fantastic tour!
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This is worth it , and I am an over-travelled travel snob.
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