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Awful Kyiv Tour

They say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But some places are really awful. Want to see alternative Kyiv? You’re in the right place! Awful can be Awesome. Dare to see it.
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About tour

Awful constructions, old artificial caves (that witnessed one of the worst crimes against Jews), abandoned (and working) factories, scratched buildings, left cemeteries, and picturesque hills. This is the Awful Kyiv Tour.

Find out about the first mosque in Kyiv and visit the church that will remind you of the Chornobyl factory. Explore Kyiv architecture in all its diverse forms.

Visit the oldest market in Kyiv and learn more about urban decay. Explore the area full of Kyiv’s authentic bars and cafes. Make your way through strange garages to get amazing views of Kyiv.

As your Kyiv guide, I’ll help you discover one of the most controversial and offbeat yet local districts of Kyiv – only for true explorers.

3,5 hours

From 3500 UAH *
*The price may vary depending on the number of people

Tour highlights

Quirky architecture
Explore the contrasts of Kyiv architecture, including the gems of soviet modernism.
Hidden places of nature
Walk through the scenic places, hidden from the main tourist paths.
Urban decay exploration
Look into Kyiv decayed architecture and learn what’s behind this phenomenon.
Podil modern life
Find out the location of Kyiv bars most loved by locals.


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Alina is a gem and the “Awful Kyiv” tour was absolutely fabulous. Alina is generous with her time and knowledge, passionate about her city and country, full of knowledge and ideas for urban regeneration, and a lovely person to be around. She made my trip to Kyiv and I will be sending others to Kyiv and her tours every chance I get!
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Alinka was an awesome guide and was super flexible as plans had to shift. She showed me how Kyiv is a fascinating city where you’ll see decaying buildings that are modernized on the inside, modernized buildings that are decaying on the inside, types of architecture that look like mashups of twelve different styles, and so much history. This is an especially good first day tour as you explore a lot of stuff that would be fun to revisit later but it’s also good after a few days to discover new things.
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I live in Kyiv for a few years now and know all the major sights, moreover some places and hidden treasures that even locals haven’t heard about. However, Alina’s Awful Kyiv tour was delightful and exceptional. She showed me places that I never knew existed, even if some of them I pass by daily. She showed another lense to look at certain buildings or places. Alina has a deep knowledge of the history of the city, but she doesn’t bore you with unremarkable names and dates. Her guiding style is very entertaining and flexible to your needs. She is a charming guide with constant curiosity and hunger for knowing more about her beloved city and passionately shared her knowledge with you. I would recommend her to anyone (being a tourist or someone lliving in Kyiv) who wants to explore either the beautiful or the ‘awful’ Kyiv.
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We did the Awful Kyiv Tour and it was absolutely worth while! Alina answered all our questions and shared so many interesting facts and stories about Kyiv, its history and people. It was a great experience which we'll never forget.
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Go on the Awful Kyiv tour...or really any tour that Awesome Kyiv offers! Alina was such a knowledgable and friendly guide, and took me to areas of the city that I would have never found on my own. The tour gave me a real appreciation of Kyiv, one that I didn't have until now (this was my third time visiting). Even after the tour, Alina sent a bunch of restaurant and activity suggestions, which I really appreciated. 100% would recommend, and if I'm ever back in Kyiv, I'll definitely go on another Awesome Kyiv tour.
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