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Awesome Kyiv Tour

Kyiv is not just a City of more than 900 churches and Golden Domes. It is also about hidden backyards, art, speak easy bars and awesome people. Explore Kyiv - a City of contrasts, where every meter is different from the next one.
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About tour

Discover the alternative and traditional sides of Kyiv with me as your personal Kyiv guide. On our walking tour in Kyiv, I’ll take you to secret bars, show you stunning street art and colorful murals, and reveal urban decay spots hidden right in the city center. You will learn where to listen to live music in Kyiv, try delicious Ukrainian cuisine, and enjoy the best coffee in Kyiv.

As we walk, I’ll share the rich history of Kyiv, insights into its modern life, alternative culture, and unique architecture. You’ll learn about urban development and urban decay, local real estate, and the vibrant art scene. Discover how locals are fighting for their city and making a difference.

Let me show you the hidden gems and local favorites that make Kyiv special. Join me on Awesome Kyiv tour to and explore it like a local!

4,5 hours

From 4500 UAH *
*The price may vary depending on the number of people

Tour highlights

Historical highlights
Learn about places that played an important role in the history and modern life of Kyiv and Ukraine.
Alternative places
Explore hidden backyards and secret alleys, full of art and local ambience.
Architectural contrasts
Observe how Kyiv's prominent historical architecture is bordering with modern or abandoned buildings.
Local culture
Explore local culture it's coffee and food scene, and learn about citizens who were and are making Kyiv truly awesome.


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Alinka is an absolutely incredible guide. You just have to meet her and let her show you Kyiv. She knows so much about the city and is so genuinely engaged in it. And she shows you aspects of Kyiv that you probably couldn’t see on your own. She is also a great story teller and has a wonderful sense of humor. And on top of that she is such a warm, generous and open person. Thank you Alinka for a fantastic tour!
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Having been on over 10 tours through my travels around Europe (in groups as big as 50 and as small as 1), I can sincerely say that this was the best by far. Not only was Alina knowledgeable, she provided a level of access that you would only find in a local. With Alina, you are more than merely strolling through the city’s sights as if in a museum with a guide, instead you are actually interacting with the spaces as a real person, you become part of the life of the city, and that is why she has continued to garner such high reviews.
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By far one of the best decisions I made in Kyiv, was to have a tour with Alina. The unique knowledge that you will gain about the city of Kyiv and the hidden gems within it makes her tour absolutely worth every penny. She is also a very pleasant, kind and intelligent girl, to the point that you forget that you are actually on a tour - she has that natural ability to make you feel welcome, and that you are in the company of a friend exploring the beautiful city of Kyiv. Highly recommended to all!
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Avec ma petite amie, nous avions réservé cette visite guidée avec Alinka sans vraiment savoir à quoi nous attendre. C'était tout simplement génial! Nous avons eu un mélange de la Kiev classique, de la Kiev alternative et de la Kiev d'Alinka, pendant près de 5 heures. Le tout agrémenté d'histoires et anecdotes intéressantes, étonnantes ou drôles. On a pu voir qu'elle adore cette ville et aime la faire découvrir. Alinka a non seulement été très gentille, agréable et serviable, mais elle a aussi su s'adpater à notre rythme et à nos souhaits. Elle nous a fait goûter de délicieux Pirozhki (tellement bons que l'on y est retourné plusieur fois ensuite) et découvrir le meilleur capuccino de la ville. Bien sûr, elle a de supers recommandations de restaurants ou bars (ou autres). En bref, ne cherchez pas plus longtemps quel tour guide faire et contactez Alinka!
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I had a wonderful time on the tour with Alina. She is such a smart, witty and warm hearted person. On the tour she gave me all kind of interesting and fun facts about the city and its people. She made me feel so comfortable it was like taking a walk with an old friend. Because of her I discovered many places I would have never found on my own and wouldn´t have had the background facts /story behind it. I can recommend Alina and her tour to everyone, you will have a lovely time and learn a lot about the Ukraine and Kyiv, don´t miss your chance to get a true experience. I am sure you will fall in love with the city too.
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