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Kyiv Backyards Tour

Most interesting places in Kyiv are usually hidden from the eye of passers-by. Or you should simply turn your head up in the right place. Go off the beaten track with AWESOME KYIV – as awesome as you are!
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About tour

Join me as your Kyiv guide on the Kyiv Backyards Tour and dive into the secret courtyards of Kyiv. Enjoy delicious Ukrainian pies in one of the oldest bakeries and explore the beautifully preserved architecture that stands next to abandoned buildings. Let’s see the hidden ruins of Kyiv behind the golden domes.

On this Kyiv walking tour, we’ll admire the beauty of street art that transforms grey walls into masterpieces. I’ll point out secret and speakeasy bars in Kyiv, hidden between old garages and crumbling buildings.

See what life is like behind Kyiv’s 5-star hotels and observe the beautiful ruination in Kyiv, a city full of contrasts.

3 hours
1+ person

From 3500 UAH *
*The price may vary depending on the number of people

Tour highlights

Vibrant street art
Enjoy the colourful Kyiv murals, graffiti, mosaics and quirky sculptures.
Hidden cafes and bars
Find out the location of Kyiv speakeasy, hidden garage bars & art cafes.
Architectural contrasts
Explore a mix of Kyiv architecture: watch its beauty and decay.
And more backyards!
Because it’s never enough.


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So. Much. Fun. At times I was honestly laughing out loud from some of the things Alinka was showing us. We were seriously off the beaten path. As one of the other guests on the tour put it, Kyiv is kind of "un-Googleable," which is where experts like Alinka come in! And you couldn't ask for a sweeter, smarter or funnier tour guide. She is so passionate about Ukraine's culture and history and current events. I came away from the tour feeling like I was finally starting to understand Kyiv. This is a tour you *cannot* do yourself and don't want to miss!!
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I was taken on a Kyiv backyards tour with Alina, I've been to Kyiv quite a few times but it was such an eye opener to see how amazing places I'd missed out of not known about. Alina took me through the backyards and showed me some fascinating old buildings and what I loved the most was her knowledge and passion about each building, who lived there, the history of it and how it significant it was! Also parts of the tour was interactive (music segment) which was super funny and kept you involved all the way through, Alina is a wonderful guide, never rushes and really cares about your experience and truly shows how much she loves Kyiv! Would encourage anyone to book with her, also she'll show you some amazing hidden bars at the end of the tour! Highly recommend!
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Alina from Awesome Kyiv was a perfect tour guide! Whilst visiting Kyiv for a few days, my partner and I chose to do the Hidden Backyards tour and Alina showed us lots of places we wouldn't have found otherwise. The highlights included street art, hidden lanes, architecture and learning about the history of Kyiv. Alina told us lots of really interesting facts and stories about the places we visited and made us fall even more in love with Kyiv as a city. Alina has a real passion for Kyiv and it shows when she is guiding you around. The Hidden Backyards tour was one of the highlights of our trip because we felt we really got to know more of Kyiv and meeting Alina was like meeting a long lost friend - she was very friendly, attentive, funny and engaging. She was also very patient with our endless questions and gave us lots of recommendation of restaurants, bars and other places to visit in Kyiv. When we come back to Kyiv we are already planning on contacting Alina for another tour. Дякую Аліна - thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness!
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I highly recommend this tour. I didn't believe there were so many inspiring places and stories in Kiev. Alinka is a great guide, full of energy and her stories are fun and informative. Every minute of our journey was worth it. Discovering Kiev with Alinka was a great experience. Thank you Alinka, you are amazing!
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Alinka is an absolutely incredible guide. You just have to meet her and let her show you Kyiv. She knows so much about the city and is so genuinely engaged in it. And she shows you aspects of Kyiv that you probably couldn’t see on your own. She is also a great story teller and has a wonderful sense of humor. And on top of that she is such a warm, generous and open person. Thank you Alinka for a fantastic tour!
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A truly unique and personal experience. First through Alina's love, knowledge and enthusiasm for and of Kyiv. And then through the really local places she takes you to. It’s not possible to do by yourself, and it’s really kicks you in to a special and curious view of the town. Thank you Alina!!
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