Sledging time in Kyiv

Winters in Kyiv are long and snowy. Which means that skiing, sledging and other winter kinds of sport are guaranteed! Searching for hills to sledge? Check out Park Slavy and get your portion of winter!


The hills of this park are beloved by children and adults because of its diversity. The slopes are long and easy. Sometimes the snow battles are organized here.

There are many panorama places around park. Also, the history buffs can visit the Museum of Holodomor victims which is located on the territory of the park.

The place is very popular because of its proximity to Lavra Cathedral and Mother of Motherland monument and the Museum of World War II.

Apart from sledging, you will get stunning views of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra and of left bank of Dnipro river.

The closest metro station: Arsenalna  (known as the deepest metro station in the world) – 5 minutes on foot.

Try sledging in Awesome Kyiv – be even more Awesome!


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