Top Viewpoints in Kyiv

Kyiv is a city on the hills, which means that finding a viewing platform in Kyiv with fascinating views is a piece of cake. I’ll save you from running between the hills by giving you this list of the best viewpoints in Kyiv.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Belltower

kyiv pechersk lavra belltower view

If you are wondering where to find panorama view of Kyiv, then Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Belltower is the right fit. With the heigh of 96 meters, it is the highest belltower of Kyiv. Climb the steps and get firstly on the balcony (openeds in warm season), and then climb a bit more to get on the top of belltower. You will get 360° view on the city (who knows, maybe you will even see your home from here?)

We climb on the belltower of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra during our Pechersk Walking Tour

In old Kyiv guidebooks people used to write: you have not seen Kyiv, if you have not climbed Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Belltower. So, have you seen Kyiv?

Mother of Motherland

mother of motherland view
View on Botanical Garden from Underneath of Mother of Motherland Monument

One of the most imposing monuments in Kyiv, servind as an entrance to WWII Museum, is also a great viewpoint. There is an opportunity to climb up to the shield of Mother of Motherland, which takes around 40 mins (you go up with elevators first and then climb the pompier ladder). However, since the shield viewpoint gives you a view of the right bank of Kyiv, and does not grant you with such fascinating views of Dnipro river and left bank you can get at Lavra Belltower.

The view you get at the foot of Mother of Motherland monument is already impressive, also you can walk around monument to see better Pechersk landscapes.

Park of Eternal Glory

park of eternal glory kyiv

One of the most romantic places in Kyiv (challenge yourself to find a place to sit on the viewpoint here on the summer night – it’s all occupied by couples:)

You will get amazing views on Kyiv: Dnipro river, Hidropark island, left bank. The park is close to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, Mother of Motherland Monument and WWII museum, so you can combine it all in a memorable trip.

This Kyiv viewpoint is also great if you are a fan of watching sunrises.

Saint Volodymyr Hill

saint volodymyr hill kyiv

One of the most sacred places in Kyiv, granting you with scenic views (especially on the sunrise). Saint Volodymyr’s Hill was favorite place of the writer Mykhailo Bulgakov in Kyiv. The newly reconstructed park used to be the most famous park of Kyivites in 19th century. Times passes but the traditions are not changing: still many old and young people come to here to relax, walk, cycle or sit on the historical alcove.

That’s a place where I quite often end Kyiv Pub Crawl – what can be more rewarding after a fun night out than watching a new day being born?

Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill)

castle hill kyiv

One of the so-called bold hills in Kyiv, this one will give you an overview of Podil district, especially Saint Andrew Descent with all its cozy streets and rooftops, Vozdvyzhenka Ghost Town, Kyiv Mohyla Academy and much more.

If you climb up a bit more, you can find the leftovers of pagan temples and abandoned cemetery in the forest.

The place is amazing on the sunset, that’s why I quite often use it as a venue for making personal photosessions in Kyiv.

Shchekavytsia Hill


One of the most mysterious hills in Kyiv, located in the queerish district of Kyiv. Walk through some awful garages and make your way to the scenic viewpoint. The best time to come is at the sunset – you will get an overview of Podil, residence houses, working and abandoned factories and many strange constructions. Book Awful Kyiv Walking Tour and, apart from climbing this and other hills, discover one of the most controversial districts of Kyiv.

Arch of Friendship

arch of friendship

The massive construction from Soviet era was part of many discussions and even scandals (e.g. during the Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv). Nonetheless, it’s one of the greatest viewing platforms in Kyiv. Watch Podil, riverside, Trukhaniv Island and Pedestrian Bridge from here.

Arch of Diversity is also a good start for a walk through Mariinsky Park. Come here at a down, and you will enjoy mesmerizing sunrise.

St. Andrew’s Church

saintnandrew church kyiv

The unique example of Ukrainian baroque, Saint Andrew Church will gift you with picturesque views of Podil area. Climb the stairs and watch people strolling Saint Andrew Descent, locals and tourists sitting in cozy cafes or artists selling their paintings.

The church itself is on the reconstruction, but the viewpoint is opened.

Hryshko Botanical Garden

Photo from Internet

The biggest botanical garden in Kyiv is also an impressive viewing platform. Mix strolling the beatiful paths, surrounded by forest, with watching Kyiv from the hills. Get a charming view of Mother of Motherland, Dnipro river and left side of Kyiv.

Visit botanical garden at the sunrise or even at midnight to fully enjoy the magic of the place. Admire Vydubytsky Monastery, located on the slopes of Dnipro river.

Kyiv Fortress


The fortification in Kyiv that never served for its primary purpose. Now serves as a military hospital. The observation desk of Kyiv Fortress gives amazing overview of Kyiv, especially Olimpiysky Stadium. What’s more, the place is popular for overhearing the concerts. Though the place only works till 18:00, there are some secret ways to sneak into this place.

Paton’s Bridge 

Paton Bridge

Not only Paton’s Bridge in Kyiv was the first in the world one-welded bridge, it’s also a great viewing platform. Cross the bridge on the sunset and then in the end turn to the right and stroll the riverside. You will see the sun going down on the right side of Kyiv, and the Golden Domes of Kyiv will get the new shapes and shades.

One of the local historians said: “Kyiv has so many hills, that your heart breaks on the halfway”. Save yourself from such losses – book Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour, and let’s hit the road together (and hills too:)




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