Kyiv Botanical Garden Vibes: Awesome Autumn

When you wake up in the morning, look out of the window and see that…that you see nothing, because there is such a thick fog, then visiting a botanical garden can be a good idea. That’s what I did today, and, to be honest, I did not really want to come back to civilization after I got lost in the magical forest. But I had to…to share this magic with you.

Kyiv has two Botanical Gardens: Fomin Botanical Garden and Hryshko Botanical garden. The last one is located on the hills of Pechersk.






P.S. Awesome Kyiv offers you All Inclusive Pechersk Walking Tour as Botanical Garden is definitely not the only treasure of this district.

                                                                                                 Your Awesome Kyiv

                                                                                                 as Awesome, as You are






















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