Awesome Kyiv Festivals

Soon the spring in Kyiv will be in full swing which means there will be even more outdoor activities. Read about best festivals in Kyiv to decide where to spend your sunny days in the city!

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Kyiv Coffee Festival


When: 1-2 of April

Meet the latest trends of coffee industry in Ukraine, become the spectator of national coffee championships or simply treat yourself with a cup of coffee and interesting craft desserts on the big food court. You can buy the tickets on the spot.

Where: Plarforma Art-Factory

Courage Bazaar


When: 22-23 of April

The biggest flea market in Kyiv with more than 400 sellers offering vintage clothing and accessories, antique furniture or new things from young Ukrainian brands. The huge pug-dog party with around 150 participants (we mean the dogs, not their owners) and many competitions. Something brand-new or super trashy – you’ll find it all here. You can buy the tickets on the spot.

Where: Plarforma Art-Factory

Street Food Festival


When: 8-9 of April, 13-14 of May

Culinary (and not only) discoveries, great music and much space for creativity – visit Art-Factory “Platforma” which turned out to be a a start-up court for food-business 4 years ago. You can buy the tickets on the spot.

Where: Plarforma Art-Factory

White Nights


When: 2-4 of June

The biggest dance-event of Kyiv: 5 dancing floors, more than 100 artists of different genres in non-stop mode. Come, find new friends and dance, dance, dance! Tickets can be purchased here

Where: Plarforma Art-Factory

Tattoo Festival


When: 19-21 of May

Are you dreaming of making tattoo? Or maybe you already got ready for it? Visit annual Tattoo Festival in Kyiv and see how professionals work – get new knowledge or new tattoo. Buy tickets here and spend your time in non-traditional way.

Where: Expocenter

City Day


When: 27 28 of May

Traditionally the Day of Kyiv is celebrated on the last weekend of May – the time when the chestnuts are blossoming but not falling on the heads of tourists yet. Numerous celebrations are going to happen including such things as Vyshyvanka Parade – the festival of national Ukrainian embroided clothing.

Where: Sophiyska Square and everywhere in Kyiv

Atlas Weekend


When: 28 of June – 2 of July

The place where Ukrainian music meets worldwide music and where people come to get energy for the rest of summer. The festival is non-stop and every hour something great is happening. Get your tickets here and enjoy quality music!

Where: Expocenter

Ostrov Festival


When: 30 of June – 2 of July

A unique opportunity to listen to the biggest artists of techno, house and electronic scene. The music festival will take place at one of the most beautiful locations of Kyiv – Trukhaniv Island with the great view on Dnipro river and the old part of the city. The tickets can be bought here

Where:Trukhaniv Island

For fans of big show Eurovision in Kyiv is a must. If you did not manage to buy Eurovision tickets it is not a reason to postpone your visit – Kyiv is awesome in May. And we will tell you soon – why.

Read Awesome Kyiv – stay always AWESOME!


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