Awesome Kyiv Photo Tours

Are you a passionate photographer who is seeking for places to shoot in Kyiv? Or maybe you are travelling alone and just want some professional photographs of yourself?

Awesome Kyiv author is a solo traveler who perfectly knows how it is – to have thousand photos of places after the trip and no photo of yourself.


What is it?

Awesome Kyiv Photo Tour is an individual tour to the best places for photoshooting in Kyiv. You will be guided to places for taking the photos, you will hear the stories from Kyiv’s past and about its modern life, and you will get a personal photosession during the photo tour.

Where will we go?

It depends on your photography wishes: we might lead you to the best landscape places, bridges, architectural treasures, hidden yards or abandoned places. If you want a personal photoshooting, we will advice you where and at what time we can get the best photos of you. Just tell us about your ideas and interests and we will create an individual photo route for you.

What’s the price?

The price varies and depends on the duration of a phototour and the services included (amount of edited photos etc).

An estimated price of a phototour is 1000 UAH (2-3 hours, an excursion and 15-20 edited photos of you+all unedited photos included).

You can also order a photobook to memorize your Awesome Kyiv trip.

Contact Awesome Kyiv here or here for the details.