Tank Driving

Are you visiting Kyiv and searching for some real adventure? How about Kyiv Tank Driving Tour? Do not limit yourself with just watching tanks in Kyiv WWII Museum, but let yourself drive it instead!

tank driving kyiv

Drive BDRM-2, BTR-80 or T-62. Learn how to drive the real Soviet tanks, try the off-road tank driving, in the forests, extreme trails and breathtaking landscapes. Try the field cuisine and enjoy the adventure you could only imagine before.

Awesome Kyiv works with a reliable tour agency organizing Kyiv Tank Driving Tours.

Fill in the form and let me know when you want to drive tanks in Kyiv, and I will provide you with all the necessary contacts for booking your Tank Driving Tour.

Location Alina Phone +380953669180 E-mail awesomekyiv@gmail.com Hours Leave a message any time of a day, and I will reply if i am available (and alive).
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