Quarantine Notes

Friends, so how is (was) your quarantine?

Have you completed thousand online courses, read a mountain of books, got a fifth diploma?

Or were you simply suffering on a sofa and switching Netflix movies with your toe?

Shortly about my quarantine of a guide: it was difficult, considering that the tourism literally died after lockdown in Ukraine and worldwide.

I slowly started to accept the fact that some things are out of our control, that losing motivation is pretty normal, and that leaving quarantine being NOT A SUPERHERO, BUT ONLY A HUMAN is also okay.

This is why I decided to create my author’s set of postcards “Quarantine notes”. You can send it to your beloved ones, friends, colleagues in Ukraine or abroad, to share with them things that happened (or did not happen) to you during this quarantine, what you learnt for yourself, how you did not (or did) lose your mind, or simply to cheer up somebody you care for.

…Because leaving quarantine being not a superhero, but only a Human is okay.

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  • All the postcards are laminated, with my photographs of Kyiv on them
  • You can buy a set postcards or apiece (3 pcs minimum)
  • Postcards are shipped with UkrPoshta or Nova Poshta (for now only shipping in Ukraine is available)
  • Every set consists of 9 designs. You can choose “Quarantine Notes” or “Записки з карантину” (in Ukrainian) or “Hello from Awesome Kyiv”
  • Everybody who buys a set of postcards get 10% discount on any of my private Awesome Kyiv Tours (Hidden Backyards, Awful Kyiv Tour or other), that you or your friends can use till the end of summer
  • Price: set of 9 postcards – 100 UAH, in case you buy apiece – 15 UAH/per postcard (3 pcs minimum). The shipping is paid separately according to the operator tariffs.


Traditionally, for everybody who book any of my Awesome Kyiv tours or photoshooting, a set of postcards, and a personal one from me, signed with Bulgakov’s love to Kyiv goes as a gift.

Love, support each other, and be yourself!

Your Awesome Kyiv guide,


Location Alina Phone +380953669180 E-mail awesomekyiv@gmail.com Hours Leave a message any time of a day, and I will reply if i am available (and alive).
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