Pirogovo Tour

Want to discover the national architecture and lifestyle of Ukrainian villages? All of the plesant cozy houses, house yards, gardens, windmills and wooden churches are placed all together in Pirogovo open air museum.

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Open-air museum in Pirogovo

Located on the outskirts of the city, it suggests you the biggest collection of Ukrainian village architecture of different styles from various regions from all over Ukraine. Now no need to switch tons of metro, marshrutka and trolleybuses. Here Awesome Kyiv suggests all inclusive Pirogovo Tour for you.

Price: 2500 UAH (1-2 participants), discount for 3+ participants

What’s included:

  • entrance tickets
  • guided tour around Pirogovo open air museum

What is not included:

  • taxi transfer/public transportation to/from Pirogovo open air museum (one way taxi ride takes around 25 mins from the centre to Pirogovo and costs around 5-6 EUR)

Duration: app. 2,5 hours

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Open air museum in Pirogovo

Book your Awesome Pirogovo Tour and see the whole Ukraine in miniature. Read Awesome Kyiv – stay always AWESOME!

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