Kyiv Metro Tour

Whatever happens out of the blue, the fact that today and tomorrow it will take 8 mins to get from Druzhby Narodiv to Zoloti Vorota always brings some certainty into unpredictable life.

  • Where to find the last not demolished Lenin of Kyiv Metro?
  • Why Kyiv Underground did not become number 3, after London and Istanbul ones?
  • Where to find the fossilised remains of ancient organisms in Kyiv metro?
  • Why did some stations of Kyiv underground become ghost stations?
  • Are the tunnels of Kyiv metro suitable for producing French cheese?
  • How has the deepest metro station in the world been built?
  • Metro “into nowhere”

Learn this and much more about innovative engineering solutions, challenges and traditions of Kyiv underground.

The most beautiful and most original Kyiv Metro stations. And no panic when hearing: “The doors are closing” because we will stay and enjoy learning about the most popular public transport in Kyiv.

We will schedule the tour to avoid rush hour, and, of course, entrance only in 😷 – we all are learning to live in new realities.

Price: 2500 UAH (1-2 participants), discounts for 3+ participants

Location Alina Phone +380953669180 E-mail Hours Leave a message any time of a day, and I will reply if i am available (and alive).
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