Kyiv Backyards Walking Tour

Most interesting places in Kyiv are usually hidden from the eye of passers-by. Or you should simply turn your head up in the right place.

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Dive into secret backyards of Kyiv, learn why janitors were playing an important role in the life of the city, eat Ukrainian pies in the most delicious (and not known by everybody) bakery, and explore the beautiful well preserved architecture which is bordering the abandoned buildings. See the ruins of Kyiv behind the golden domes of the city.

Enjoy the beauty of street art, turning grey walls into masterpieces.

Discover secret and speakeasy bars in Kyiv, hidden between old garages or buildings that are falling apart.

See what is life like behind Kyiv 5-star hotels. Find out beautiful ruination in Kyiv – the city of contrasts.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 2500 UAH (1-2 participants), discount for 3+ participants

Go off the beaten track with AWESOME KYIV – AS AWESOME AS YOU ARE!

You can read the reviews of my guests on TripAdvisor

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