Full Day Tour

Are you coming to Kyiv and feel like 3-4 hours walking tour is not enough to learn the city? You can book your Full Day Tour and we will be exploring my awesome city together for the whole day. We will walk to the golden domes of the city through hidden backyards, having coffee at the authentic cafes or eating traditional Ukrainian food, before continuing our walking tour in Kyiv. Why not watching sunsets from the best panorama places in Kyiv or taking some photoshooting to memorize your trip to Kyiv. Or listen some live music in some nice hidden bar?

Kiev Podil

We can climb the Kyiv hills, sneak into the doors of old buildings, visit outstanding cathedrals, which can be standing close to half ruined architectural masterpieces which are now abandoned.

And during this whole Full Day Tour I will be telling you the stories of old and modern times of my city, about the times of its glory and decadence.

Duration: 8 hours

Price: 6000 UAH (1-2 participants), discounts for 3+ people, entrance tickets are discussed additionally

Contact me, and we will plan your Full Day Tour in Awesome Kyiv – as awesome, as you are.

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Location Alina Phone +380953669180 E-mail awesomekyiv@gmail.com Hours Leave a message any time of a day, and I will reply if i am available (and alive).
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