Kyiv Bar Crawl

Awesome Kyiv Bar Crawl: hangover is temporary, memories are forever (If you have any)

Awesome Kyiv Bar Crawl (or as i love to call it – Awesome Sunrise) – is a great way to uncover the best bars in Kyiv, learn about drinking culture, enjoy live music in Kyiv and meet friendly locals.

Kiev walking tour

Let’s learn how to do cheers in Ukrainian, let’s sneak into hidden backyards and find secret bars in Kyiv that only locals know the way to, let’s enjoy speak easy atmosphere, listen to jazz or blues and simply enjoy great time together.

Are you coming with a group of friends and want to have fun in the places you won’t be ripped off?

Or you are traveling solo to Kyiv and searching for a friendly company to discover the best of Kyiv nightlife?

Here I am, your guide and drinking buddy at the same time (who said it’s impossible to do a nigth tour in Kyiv while walking from bar to bar?)

Your Bar Crawl in Kyiv is fully customized experience. You can book 4 hours bar crawl or you can book the experience I call Awesome Sunrise – whole night tour through the best bars of Kyiv with watching the new day being born at the most beautiful spot for sunrise in Kyiv.

Nobody will be rushing you to go from one bar to another after the clock is ticking. Nothing like first drink included (and then making you drink the cheapest alcohol from the menu). Nothing like making you dance on the bar counter (unless you want to). Not gonna call police either – it’s your awesome night out!

I started doing bar crawls when I worked as admin in the hostel. Almost every night, when I was done with the check-ins, I took guests for the night out to the local bars and pubs. We were ending up waliking the night city and watching the best sunrises in Kyiv. Everybody was drunk and happy. They were going to sleep, and I was starting a new shift in a couple of hours. Hangover is temporary, memories are forever (If you have any)

Discover the night life of Awesome Kyiv – as awesome as you are!

Duration: 45 hrs (can be extended on request for additional price, includes a walking tour in between as well)

Price: Contact for the price (it depends on the amount of hours booked)

NB! Drinks and food are not included in the price

Location Alina Phone +380953669180 E-mail Hours Leave a message any time of a day, and I will reply if i am available (and alive).
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