Awful Kyiv Walking Tour

They say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. But some places are really awful.

Awful constructions, old caves (that witnessed some of the worst crimes of XX century), abandoned (and working) factories, scratched buildings, left cemeteries, the pioneers of illegal real estate business in Kyiv and hills with strange stories.

See where the merchants used to sell the food right at the foot of the scaffold, and where the biggest fire in Kyiv’s history ruined most of the constructions.

Discover the place from where the second hand culture started in Kyiv. Explore the old wooden houses where people still live, see those buildigs that are falling apart right near the new constructed private houses.

Learn about one of the darkest days in Jewish history – the libel trial against Mendel Beilis, and see where the crime happened in 1911.

Watch and learn about abandoned and still working factories with deep history. Pass through the old cobblestoned road, surrounded by old caves that witnessed one of the biggest crimes in Kyiv.

Make your way through strange garages to get amazing views on Kyiv. Discover one of the most controversial and offbeat yet local districts of Kyiv.

Awful can be Awesome. Dare to see it.

Duration: apx. 3 hours

Price: 1500 UAH/per person (there are discounts for 2+ participants)

Special offer: book Awsome Kyiv&Awful Kyiv Walking tour for 2500 UAH/per person, instead of 3000 UAH

Recommended time: in the evening

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