AWESOME KYIV: as awesome as you are

Hello, awesome people! My name is Alina. I am 23 y.o. And I am the creator of Awesome Kyiv.

If you visited this page, you probably love travelling as much as I do.

What I love even more – is to show Kyiv to people from all over the world. Awesome Kyiv blog started as a part of my Bachelor project. I studied TV journalism, and I had to make a video. I decided to show my city, but to tell about Kyiv as like of a person, with its own emotions, feelings, own character.

For a couple of months I was writing here about Kyiv, and only in May 2016 I started filming my video. This is how my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours appeared. I needed the heroes for my video, and I understood that the best way to meet people who will share their stories about this city is to organize a walking tour in Kyiv.

On my first Kyiv walking tour I arrived with the trembling hands. But everything was so awesome, that I started organizing these group tours again.

Whole May I was working on my video, I was meeting new people, I was watching sunrises and sunsets in this city to realize in the end: I will never love any city more than i love Kyiv.

I defended my graduate project, i got 100 out of 100, and probably then, when graduating from Journalism University, I understood that I want to tell people stories, but in the other way: on my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours.

Starting from 2017 I focused more on Individual Tours in Kyiv. It is very important for me: to give people the feeling of a city, to make sure that they will leave it with the best memories. I show my guests the most precious to me places, I show outstanding places of Kyiv, as well as hidden backyards, authentic bars and cafes.

I love sneaking into someone’s doors, and my guests do the same with me. I love taking my camera and walk around the city, this is why I do phototours in Kyiv as well. I like spending time listening to live music and socializing, and I want you to find new friends in Kyiv: this is why I organize Awesome Kyiv Meet Ups.

I walk a lot and I will make you walk a lot too. But time will fly when we discover this city together.

Kyiv is flowering. Kyiv is old and young at the same time. Kyiv is tasty. Kyiv is awesome.

Welcome to AWESOME KYIV! As awesome as you are!


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