Awesome Kyiv Layover

Are you coming to Kyiv and having less than one day here? Let’s turn these couple of hours into your Awesome Kyiv layover! You will get airport pick up, then we will make a tour around Kyiv, according to your flight schedule, will go to try Ukrainian food, hang out in a bar or see the nightlife of Kyiv.

layover in Kyiv

Then I will send you to the airport to make sure you do not miss your next flight. If you do, do not worry that much: Kyiv has a lot to offer (just kidding, you will be delivered safe and sound to the airport).

Price: starting from 4000 UAH for 1-2 participants ( for app 3,5 hrs tour, the price varies  and depends on your airport of arrival and duration of a tour)

Best things come to those who wait. I will be waiting for you in the airport. See you there!

P.S. You can read what my guests write about Awesome Kyiv on Trip Advisor

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