Awesome Kyiv Tour

Kyiv is not just a city of more than 900 churches and Golden Domes. It is a city of many hidden backyards, art, speak easy bars and amazing stories about entrepreneurs, criminals and inventors. Kyiv is a city of contrasts, where every meter is different from the next one.


Are you searching for private tour in Kyiv? Then welcome on my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour!

Discover alternative Kyiv in combination with its traditional side, find out secret bars in Kyiv, street art, colorful Kyiv murals and urban decay right in the city centre.

Learn where to listen to live music in Kyiv, where to try Ukrainian cuisine and where to drink best coffee in Kyiv.

Learn about history of Kyiv, its modern life, alternative culture, Kyiv architecture, urban development and urban decay, real estate and art. See how locals are fighting for the city and how they are changing it.

My head is full of stories, and my heart is full of love to Kyiv. I want you to love this city as much as I do, so I invite you on my Awesome Kyiv Author Tour.

Price: 3500 UAH (1-2 participants), discounts for 3+ participants

Duration:  4,5 hours


  • Entrance tickets are not included.
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Welcome to Awesome Kyiv – as awesome as you are!

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