Vyshyvanka in Kyiv: where to buy Ukrainian national outfit

Recently, on 16th of May, Ukrainians celebrated the day of Vyshyvanka. Yes, that special embroidery national clothing my tour guests always want to bring as a souvenir!  And that special clothing, that “Vogue” called “the hottest trend of a season” in 2015.

Special holiday….just for an outfit?

Yes! A day when you can see the diversity of vyshyvanka, get a bit jealous if you do not have one, and start searching for places where to buy one.

So, what is exactly Ukrainian vyshyvanka? It’s a national embroidered shirt (dress, T-shirt) that has a variety of symbols, and was initially worn to protect the owner from evil. Most used colors of embroidery were black and red.

Nowadays vyshyvanka comes in a variety of types, colors and materials. The most expensive are hand made vyshyvanka, while usually the most expensive material is linen. Cotton is widely used as well.

So, if you want to protect yourself or your beloved ones from evil (and we got a lot of that, you can read about it in my article Kyiv Sucks) and look stylish or bring some cool souvenirs from Ukraine, consider buying vyshyvanka.

Where to buy vyshyvanka in Kyiv?

Me, your guide, on a National Vyshyvanka Day

Since even Hollywood stars wear vyshyvanka, you can buy it worldwide. But if it happened that you’re not in Hollywood but in Kyiv, here are a few places, where you can buy Ukrainian vyshyvanka in Kyiv.


If you want to find vyshyvanka for men, women, kids, coming in a variety of options, Etnodim is the right place. Trusted by many Ukrainians, they try to popularize Ukrainian national clothing, and even have a blog about vyshyvanka. You can buy online or visit their shop in trendy Podil (i can easily send you there after Awful Kyiv or Awesome Kyiv Tours as both end in Podil district).

Vsi Svoi

Located on the most central street of Kyiv, Khreshchtyk, this shop offers not only stylish vyshyvanka, but also different things, made by Ukrainian designers. From time to time they organize fairs at D12 Gallery.


Located on the left side of Kyiv, Etnokhata offers a diversity of vyshyvanka, both for men and women. Apart from that – many accessories in Ukrainian national style. You can order online or visit their shop – isn’t a one more reason to see unexplored non-touristy Kyiv?


Want to have some shopping after visiting Kyiv Pechersk Lavra or Mother of Motherland. Then Etnosvit, located in Pechersk district is the right choice. You can buy online or visit Etnosvit shop and try on some of their options (and continue your walk in vyshyvanka, maybe?)


The place where you can get exclusive vyshyvanka, meet the master and turn your wildest fantasies into reality. The price depends on the difficulties of the job, but you can always choose something among their collection. What’s more, the location is just in the center of Kyiv.

Folk Moda

One of the pioneers among vyshyvanka brands. They started making those nice embroidered socks. It’s only possible to order online as the shop itself is located in Kharkiv. Or maybe visiting Kharkiv….you never know.

2KOLYORY  (2 colors)

Searching for modern Ukrainian vyshyvanka? 2 KOLYORY offers you a mix of traditional and modern, both for women, men and children. You can either visit a shop or choose your vyshyvanka online.

Polonets studio

From casual Ukrainian etno clothing to wedding vyshyvanka – Oksana Polonets, Ukrainia designer, will have something to offer for everybody. You can visit the design studio in Podil area or search for something you like on Facebook page.


Luxurious designed Ukrainian etno clothing. If you’re ready to spend your money on something one of a kind, this is a shop for you. Foberini also has a blog where you can read curious things about vyshyvanka and interviews with people who decided to promote Ukrainian clothing.

If you’re done with shopping and feel like you want to show your vyshyvanka to the world, welcome on Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour – as awesome as you are!



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