Bud’mo Hey! Where to drink in Kyiv

When in Kyiv, learn to do cheers in Ukrainian way. Here are some of my favorite bars in Kyiv. Make sure to check out. Bud’mo!

  1. Blues Bar

kiev bars live music

If you are wondering where to listen to live music in Kyiv, this is a place to be. With its concerts every day, including open microphone on Thursday, it is a place full of music and ambiance. It is mostly a beer place, though other alchohol is available. You can order food as well.

Every Thursday I organize here Awesome Kyiv Meet Up – we are usually a small group of people coming there to relax to nice music, chill over beers and find new friends.

2. Barman Diktat


A speak easy bar with amazing cocktails and special ambiance. The prices are higher than average in Kyiv, but very much worth it. They work till 6 in the morning, while the concerts are ending really late – sometimes at 2-3 am. One of the best places to listen to jazz music at a very relaxed atmosphere.

The design of a bar is something to be mentioned as well. The exterior – not noticable, as there is no name of a bar, and you have to find it in one of the backyards of the Khreshchatyk – the main street of Kyiv.

3. Pro Rock


If you are searching for Kyiv live music, welcome to ProRock. A centrally located 24/7 bar, that welcomes everybody, especially those who are into music. Come here Friday or Saturday night (around 21:00) and find yourself dancing to amazing Ukrainian bands concerts.

The fun people sitting and dancing in a bar create a fun atmosphere, which, by the way, you can enjoy till morning – no rush at all.

TIP: If you are about to come Friday or Saturday evening, make a reservation in advance, as you might find it impossible to find a place, even at the bar. Better to do it a couple of days in advance, either by giving them a call or by writing on Facebook

4. Ostannia Barykada (Last Barricade)


Though this is rather a restaurant than a bar, you will definitely want to check out their drinks.

All the cocktails and other alcohol are 100% Ukrainian. Same is about the dishes. The place represents modern Ukrainian cuisine as well as traditional one.

It is one of Kyiv hidden restaurant, so do not try finding its name or any directions. Hint: enter the small globe near Liadsky Gate, take an elevator and press the button “ОБ” (2 first letters of a restaurant name), and it will bring you right to the place. Once you are there, you will be asked a password, which sounds as “Boritesia – poborete” (the words of Taras Shevchenko, most famous Ukrainian poet. Can be translated as “Fight, if you want to win”). The staff is making a short tour around the place. Theris usually live music on the weekends.

5. Squat 17


Located on the backyard of Khanenko National Gallery, it is a place that serves both as a cafe and a bar.

It’s an open air place that is usually opened from May to September. Cozy atmosphere is what gathers people who like to come, have a nice conversation in unusual place, located in the centre, but hidden from the eyes of passers-by and hustle and bustle of a big city.

If you want to combine exploring landmarks of Kyiv with its hidden gems and diving into local culture (drinking one as well), welcome on your individual Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour – as Awesome as you are!





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