Champions League Final 2018 in Kyiv: a guide on how to be awesome

Are you that lucky person who got a ticket to Champions League Final 2018 and ready to kick off your trip to Kyiv? Here is a survival guide how to enjoy this big sport event and how to be awesome in Kyiv.

Awesome places to stay in Kyiv

While many people seem to be lucky to get tickets to Final Champions League in Kyiv, some of them are struggling to find a place to stay.

TripAdvisor and other forums are full of posts made by people who are searching for Champions League 2018 accommodation in Kyiv.

If you do not want to write a book “How to live as bum in Kyiv”, here is a piece of advice on where to live in in Kyiv during Champions League. 

  1. Airbnb

While most of the hotels seem to be either sold out or selling rooms at the rip off pricing, there are still some good options on Airbnb. Do not try to find something very upscale or super central. The transportation works good in Kyiv, so even left bank apartments in Kyiv will work out. For sure, the prices are higher than as always, but this is the case for the biggest sport events. We are not in USSR to have prices regulated by government. If the rip off priced apartments will not be sold out, the owners will put the price down closer to the event. Or enjoy laghing at Ukrainian’s humor (like on this photo).

airbnb lol

2. Dobovo

The local website, used by Ukrainians. There are some scams, but do not think it works only against foreigners. We, as locals, get into some traps quite often too. Just watch out be careful.

3. Couchsurfing

The popular website where you can be accomodated by locals for free. What is expected from you as a guest – to share some time with your host, bring souvenirs from your home country or simply do some cultural exchange. The hosts do not like if you treat their home as a free roof over your head, so it’s urgent to share some common values.

4. Kyiv free couch for fans 

For those who cannot find where to sleep on Champions League 2018, people of Kyiv decided to show the generous character of Ukrainians and launched a group where locals can offer a free place to stay for football fans. Simply enter the group, describe how many of you are searching for an apartment in Kyiv, what team you are supporting, and, after the admins of the group approve your request, make a post with all the details, or scroll the group page to see what offers are available.

Other than that, if you still fail to find a place to stay, remember, it will be a weekend, and it is neverending party in Kyiv.

Also, once you publish your survival guide “How to be a bum in Kyiv”, let me know, I’d liek to read that (though I hope I will never have to).

Awesome transport in Kyiv

While the taxi’s prices in airports is always a rip off here, it is expected to be even worse during the Champions League Final. Uber is a way out for you. The other, more local app is Uklon. It has better cars and overall higher reputation. However, they will put the prices higher as well.


If you search how to get from Boryspil to Olimpyisky, then SkyBus can be an answer. The bus stops right in front of the arrivals entrance. You either go to the Central Railway Station, which is the last stop, or, if you have too little time to the start of a game, you can get off at Kharkivska metro (green line), and then take metro to Palats Sportu, which is 10 mins walk from the Olimpyisky stadium.

Metro station Olimpiyska (blue line) will be closed before the start of a game.

Also, people who have tickets to the Champions League Final, can use public transport in Kyiv for free during 36 hours starting from 00:00 on 26th of May.

The public transport is expected to work 3 hours more on a night of a game. For those who do not have tickets, and will have to pay in the metro, remember that you can use your debit/credit card as a metro pass. Here are some recommendations for you on how to be awesome in Kyiv metro. 

Awesome Champions League fans in Kyiv

Are you an awesome Champions League fan who is trying to find the supporters of your team? Then remember these places:

Liverpool fans:

Taras Shevchenko Park – the park is located right in front of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, called among locals as “red building” so for “red fans” it will be no problem to find it. 

Closest metro station: Universytet (red line)

Real Madrid fans: 

In front of the concert hall “Palats Ukraina” – the white recognizable building is located right in front of the exit of Palats Ukraina metro station (blue line).

Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours


If you are lucky enough to stay in Kyiv, and not doing a trip “Airport-Stadium-Airport”, then you have a chance to explore this awesome city. I am inviting you on a tour to show you the city, that Bulgakov once called “the most beautiful city in the world”. Let’s spend a couple of hours or even a full day together – golden domes, beautiful ruins, hidden backyards, underground bars and best sunrises are waiting for you – dare to discover Awesome Kyiv – as awesome, as you are.

Your Awesome Kyiv guide,

Alina Virstiuk


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