How do i get a dope on my walking tours?

Nah, I am not a drugs dealer, so do not rush to report me to police. Neither I like the smell of weed. But sometimes on walking tours in Kyiv i get a real dope. How does it happen?

I prefer to call my walking tour “a walk” rather than “excursion”. Well, does not mean that we only walk. As a guide, I love to talk, and I really appreciate when during my walking tours I speak more than you (do not get offended, but I love attentive listeners, and especially those who ask questions).

A walk means we have to be relaxed. A guide who comes and start a walking tour by breaking the ice, is doing this to gain one thing: trust. dope 3


As both of us already came on the walking tour, we already trust each other. But there are still some questions like “what if”. There are different types of “WHAT IF”. You might think: what if she is gonna do some scam on me? What if she takes the money on the beginning and run away? What is she part of some criminal group? (Okay here I stop because I have very rich fantasy).

I might have some of “what if” too. But let’s go back to a dope. What is a dope?

  1. DOPE IS.

    When i no more ask myself “what if”. And you no more ask. And somehow I feel that you totally trust me in everything: in where we go, in our route, in the happiend of this walking tour etc.

  2. DOPE IS.

    When you feel so relaxed that you start telling me stories from personal life without being scared. And I tell my stories to you (as I consider myself quite a reserved person when it comes to this, sharing these stories over a cup of coffee or glass of beer in the end really matters to me). It matters to me that you open up.

  3. DOPE IS.

    Getting a feeling of a connection. I am a person who looks up, who is surprised by everything, even by many obvious things, many things around seem amazing to me, many things make me taken aback.

    I get the connection easily by seeing the sparks in your eyes, sparks of excitement, sparks of interest.

    You look excited, and I feel excited with you. Because we are the same.

  4. DOPE IS.

    When you are grateful for what I do, and I am grateful for you giving me this feeling. Then I want to do more for you. Even after the end of a tour, even when you do not pay me anymore for my time, just because I feel it, and because I understand that you are thankful for it.

  5. DOPE IS.

    When I want to hug you in the end, like close friends. And when I regret not hugging you because we said good bye being in a packed metro, and we could only say warm good bye, and hug each other with the eyes.

  6. DOPE IS.

    When I come home flying, I am so overwhelmed because of happiness that I want to hug the whole planet, but instead I am thanking you, God, Universe and whoever is responsible for making our walking tour happen. I am literally making sparks (in a good meaning). I live for this feeling. And I will always remember you as a guest who gave me a dope.

And I will not report you to the police for this. Because I was walking on clouds because of happiness. Higher than on the cloud nine.


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