Kyiv for 2 bucks: a guide for those who do not want to go bankrupt

Money talks. Especially in such expensive cities as Kyiv. Every coin counts, so here I will tell you the best ways to invest your 2 dollars (or even less).

  1. Blues Bar on Thursdays

    kiev bars live music

    You can come here on any day of a week, but Thursday here is the most fun! Because it is Open Mic. So you can take your guitar, harmonic or anything else that is able to play, because on this day everybody can show their talents on the stage. Do not forget to take your money – Ukrainian draft beer costs here around $1.30 (but I do not guarantee that you will stop with one). Also keep up with Awesome Kyiv Facebook Page – because this bar is the place where I organize Thursday Meet Ups for locals and travelers.

  2. Kyiv Perepichka

    kyivska_perepichka_1Are you a fastfood lover? Forget about MacDonald’s – we do not have them in Ukraine. As they say, when in Rome…Sorry, when in Kyiv, do as Kyivannes do and go to eat perepichka, located just around the corner of the main street of Kyiv, Khreshchatyk. This is a place I came at the moments of frustration, when the tickets to the theater (a couple of steps from this place) were sold out, I walked down the hill to eat perepichka and heal the wounds of my heart. For 13 UAH (around $0.50) you can get the most popular fastfood in Kyiv, operating here since 1981.

  3. Museum of toilet


    Thinking that museums are boring? I bet you will change your mind after visiting this place, where a knowlegable guide will passionately tell you about one of the greatest inventions of humanity – water closet! For 50 UAH (around $1.90) you will find inspiration from a thing you see every day but take it for granted (btw, yu do not have to pay additionally for excursion, it is already included in the ticket price and available in English). You will have to climb a bit, as the museum is located on hills of Pechersk – my favorite district of Kyiv.

  4. Microminiatures exposition


    I bet, you as a tourist, cannot skip Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. But apart from churches, monasteries and caves, there is one hidden gem there – Microminiatures exposition. For 50 UAH (around $1.90) you will see the masterpieces of Mykola Siadrystyi, an engineer who trickes the flea. Why the flea? Visit and you will find out! We never miss out this museum on our Pechersk All Inclusive Walking Tour

  5. Kyiv Botanical garden

    Kiev botanical garden

    I remember once my flatmate and I left home at midnight to go to 24/7 shop and buy some M&Ms, but ended up walking in Hryshko Botanical Garden. Here I watched one of my best sunrises (while trying to overcome insomnia or coming back from bar crawls with my guests). It is beautiful at any time of a year, and it is difficult to believe that for 40 UAH (around $1.50) you get 130 hectares of beauty. It is worth coming at least to see the charm of Vydybytsky Monastery, drowned in greenery and sunlight. Also you can get breathtaking views of Dnipro river, bridges and left bank of Kyiv.

For those who are still thinking that Kyiv is an expensive city, here are 10 reasons why you should never come here.

Those who are ready to spend more than 2 dollars here, can book my Awesome Kyiv Author Tour. I know you will love this city, because it’s really Awesome – as Awesome as You are.


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