People love talking about themselves. People love talking good about themselves. And they especially love when others say good about themselves. What do travelers say about Awesome Kyiv?

Awesome Kyiv started as a blog. Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours started as a Bachelor Degree Work. Since then, the new services appeared: Airport Pick Up, Individual Walking Tours, Photo Tours, Pechersk Walking Tours, Backyards Walking Tours and many more.

Awesome Kyiv organizes meet ups, watches sunrises with people and enjoys time with wonderful people: during walks, in bars, on kayaks and wherever possible.

Look what AWESOME people say about AWESOME KYIV on TripAdvisor and Couchsurfing.

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But, as it is said, better to see once than to hear a hundred times. So welcome to visit one of my Awesome Kyiv Walking Tours!

                                                                                       Your Awesome Kyiv,

                                                                                        as Awesome, as You are.


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