Awesome Kyiv Sunrises

04:55 A.M.

04:59 A.M.

05:02 A.M.

sunrise in Kiev

That’s not just the time…

It’s a time when Kyiv is the most AWESOME. It’s a sunrise time in Ukrainian capital and Awesome Kyiv knows the best spots for watching the new day being born.

It’s especially great when you are surrounded by cool people with whom you were just hanging out in a couple of Kiev bars – and now BOOM! you are all together watching sunrise! Or you were thinking we just went to see the sunrise ONLY?

How it happens?

walking tour Kiev


Sometimes randomly. Sometimes planned. But somehow it’s always AWESOME. 2 months in a row a couple of days per week Awesome Kyiv was taking people out for drinks to the hidden bars of the city, connecting locals and travelers, partying and then coming to the most romantic spots to watch the sunrise together.

walking tour in Kiev

Awesome Kyiv watched sunrises with many people – and every time was awesome in a special way.


Plan your own AWESOME sunrise!

Dnipro river sunrise

Simple as it is. Book your Individual Awesome Kyiv Walking Tour for the evening time and we after excursion we will guide you to a couple of cozy bars where you’ll make friends for life who will definitely join us to watch the sunrise.

Sometimes we watch the sunrises after our group walking tours or wake especially for it during our Awesome Kyiv Photo Tours with a professional photoshooting.

Sober or drunk – we are always happy.

Did you already checked the sunrise time in Kyiv? If no, don’t worry: we learnt it by heart.

Beautiful sunrise sky Kiev

Read Awesome Kyiv – as AWESOME as YOU ARE!


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