M – for May: Why Kyiv in May?

One bad man (a.k.a. former president Yanukovych) once said: “If you want to turn on Ukraine, you should see it when the chestnuts are flowering in Kyiv. When it gets warm and women in Ukrainian cities take off their clothes, you will see the real beauty”

But apart from this main reason, why to come to Kyiv in May?


Chestnuts are everywhere

This tree which is considered the symbol of the city starts to flower in May. Then the whole Kyiv is covered with these magical candles.


It’s perfect time to visit Kyiv in May because the chestnut fruit are not falling on your head yet. Read more about the history of this city’s symbol.

Perfect weather in Kyiv

It’s already not “hot’n’cold” and the spring starts at a full swing. You can spend endless hours outside exploring the city, sitting on the terraces of the cafes, and easily watch the sunrise after an active night in a club.

You already want to take the clothes off, but even when it’s too warm, you are able to survive.


Festivals and other activities in Kyiv

May is a time of countless festivals of all kind: tattoo, street food, musical, flowers and so on. It’s perfect time to stay up all night.



If you ask Ukrainians what is May for them, they would surely agree: shashlyk. This Georgian dish took root in Ukrainian cuisine, that every Ukrainian is sure that it’s our traditional food.


Once the May holidays start people go for picnics. Shashlyk is a symbol of traditional May vacations. If you are not lucky enough to find people whom you can join on this ceremony, then there is no doubt: you can try it on one of street food festivals or on Georgian traditional festivals. We love and respect their food here and every Ukrainian is a bit Georgian inside.

Swimming in Kyiv

No, no, just don’t drink it from the tap. Simply enjoy it’s beauty while walking along the Dnipro river, sitting on a bay or sunbathing on a beach. Or going for a barbecue to one of the green Kyiv parks with fascinating view over Dnipro.


Visit Hidropark or Kyiv Sea to swim or go into some water sport like canoening or kayaking. Or go to dance at one of the open-air platforms near the river.

The city day of Kyiv


The last Sunday of May is traditionally celebrated as the City Day. Citizens take part in different marathons, parades of vyshyvanka (national clothing) and the concerts are being held everywhere.

Time to love

For me May means something very special. It’s a month when I was working on my diploma video about Kyiv. It’s a month when I made my first walking tour and it’s a month when I hopelessy fell in love with Kyiv.


I spent whole days outside filming it’s greenness, getting lost in unknown streets and hidden yards and watching the best sunrises. It’s a time when I realized: no matter where I go, Kyiv is always waiting for me. And for you, always.

But most of all – in May.

If you decided to visit my awesome city in May (or any other month), I am inviting you for my Awesome Kyiv Author Tour!


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