Southern Bridge Vibes

Pivdenny (Southern) Bridge was the 7th bridge over the Dnipro river. It was considered the most modern one in the Soviet Union. What is the history of one of the most beautiful and the highest Kyiv’s bridges?


The purpose of the construction was to connect the center of Kyiv with the left side of the city. Now it is also the fastest way to get to Boryspil airport of Kyiv. The bridge was built not only for the cars but for the metro trains as well.

First project – restaurant on the bridge

According to the initial project, the Southern Bridge was supposed to have the restaurant over the metro line. There had to be a gallery and the sidewalks over it, which had to be used by passengers to get to the restaurant or to the left or right sides of the city. The project was not brough to life, because the tower was installed in the middle of a river. There was no place for a stop or parking. The engineers had to refuse the idea of a restaurant.

Layout of the bridge with a restaurant

 Project of a glass box over the metro

At a design stage of the bridge construction, it was planned to locate the metro lines under the fully closed glass box. But the vibration and the pressure drops were so strong, that the engineers had to use very expensive heavy-duty glass. After counting the approximate spending, the idea was rejected.

Southern bridge in winter

Actual project

Apart from six auto lanes and the line of metro, there are 4 main pipelines going through the bridge (the conduit and the heating main). The load on the bridge can be compared with the 20-lane vehicular traffic. The time showed that the construction can bear it, but the repair works should be included.

Walking through the bridge

The silver steel ropes make the bridge look like huge harp of some heavenly giant. The left right side of the city near the Southern bridge is a unique place for watching sunrises, the right one – for watching sunsets.

The beaches of the Dnipro river near the bridge are a perfect place for picnics, barbecue and other leisure activities. People come here for fishing, swimming on boats or for ice skiing and skating.img_2324

Are you searching for a place to enjoy the contrasts of nature and industrial Kyiv? Come to see the Southern Bridge. The closest metro station on the left side- Slavutych (green line), on the right side – Vydubychi (green line)

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