Colorful Kyiv: where to find the best murals

Think that Kyiv is the city of USSR architecture and grey walls? Get ready: we’re gonna break this stereotype right now! More and more walls of the city are becoming filled with the art!


For those who do not want to miss any new mural in Kyiv, there is a special map which will help you to explore street art in Kyiv.

  1. Spaska Street, 6a


2. Borychiv Descent, 33/6a


3. Reytarska street, 9


4. Striletska Street, 12


5. Striletska Street, 28


6. Ivan Franko street, 12


7. Chokolovsky boulevard, 1


8. Toupolev street, 3


9.Toupolev street, 7-B


10. Antonovych street, 136


Watch this breathtaking video and have a closer look on Kyiv’s colorful walls!

Read Awesome Kyiv – stay always awesome!

Photo credits: Sabina Pituello, Новое время

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