You are traveling to Ukrainian capital and already started looking through guidebooks? Find the best advice on what to do in Kyiv to make your stay easy and memorable!


№1. Borsch in Kyiv


Ukrainian most popular national dish. This deep red beet and cabbage soup of Ukrainian origin is usually served hot with sour cream, dill and garlic donuts (pampushka). Each housewife has her own recipe of Ukrainian borsch and there are many types of cooking in different regions. Try it in Puzata Khata (Пузата хата) or in Zdoroven’ki Byly (Здоровенькі були) for the best price. But anyway, this soup is served in almost all the restaurants in Kyiv.

№2. Concert in Saint Nicolas Cathedral


The exquisite catholic cathedral, also known as National Organ anc chamber music hall, is situated in the centre of the city, near Olimpiyska metro station. Look through the playbill of the concerts and find the best one for you. The prices are affordable and you do not have to pay while booking a place. Some people might book a place not being sure if they come. So it is better to choose the cheaper places and then there will always be an opportunity to switch to a better place. The Christmas Program in Saint Nicolas Cathedral is usually lasting almost till the end of January.

№3. Perepichka. Ukrainian vintage bratwurst


There are many fast food cafes in Kyiv, but “Perepichka” is a special one. A tasty sausage in a fried sough dough is mouthwatering and nutritious. Kind of a classic hotdog combined with a national dish. The lines can be long especially on weekends or in a lunchtime, but the chiefs are classy and fast, so you will not stay in a queue for long. Find it atthe crossing of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Khreshchatyk streets.

The exact adress: Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, 3

№4. Arsenalna. The deepest metro station in the world


One of the oldest metro station in Kyiv (red line). The laying depth is 105.5 meters. It is thanks to Kyiv’s geographical situation where its right bank of the Dnipro river is rising above the rest of the city. The layout of the station is similar to London Underground. The Arsenalna metro station is also situated in a walking distance from Park of a Fame, Mother Motherland statue and Monument to the founders of Kyiv where you can get a breathtaking view of Kyiv.

№5. Kyiv cake. Confectionary symbol of the city


This delicious cake was cooked for the first time on the Karl Marx Confectionary Factory. The story says that it was born thanks to mistake made by confectioners. Today the cake consists of two crunchy meringue layers with butter cream inside and sprinkled with hazelnut chunks. Now you can buy it everywhere, but the best option is to visit one of the numerous chain stores Roshen and get your own portion of happiness. In 2016 Kyiv cake will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

№6.Andriivsky descent. Montmartre of Kyiv

The view from Saint Andrew Church

See how the painters are drawing their pictures, visit one of numerous cozy cafes, buy original handmade souvenirs, visit Saint Andrew Church or climb to the Richard Castle or one of the hills of a district. Take an exciting excursion and listen to countless legends about the place which is called Kyiv Montmartre. Visit Mykhailo Bulgakov Museum. The author of “Master and Margarita” was living in Kyiv for a long time and called it the best city in the world. Find unique collections of coins, ancient books and other antiques.

Andriivsky descent on the picture

The best way to get there is to have a walk down from Sofiivska or Mykhailivska square. There is also another way to go up from Kontraktova square, but it will be more difficult.

№7. The Funicular

Kyiv Funicular

There is no a better way to get from center hills to lowland Podil district. A funicular railway is 240 meter long and connects Mykhailivska Squarewith Poshtova Square. It is a perfect way to see Kyiv from above and enjoy the views of Dnipro river and Trakhanov Island. Comfortable Kyiv funicular will bring you to the quay of the city where you can take a long walk, sit by the water or take a cruise or water excursion.

№8. Poshtova square

Poshtova Square at night

Recently renovated, this Square with a long quay is a perfect place for a water excursion in Kyiv or just for a walk or hanging out with friends. Observe the river, the lit bridges or walk towards Kontraktova square. There are usually exhibitions on different topics there and very cozy atmosphere. Head towards pedestrian bridge and visit Trukhanov Island, which is popular for disco, dances, concerts and many active sports.

№9. Karaoke in Kyiv


You may say that karaoke bars are everywhere and there is no point to go there in Kyiv, but you should do it once to fall in love forever. The karaoke session usually starts at 10 in the evening and the closing time for karaoke bars in Kyiv is around 6 in the morning. One of the most popular is Mafia. Taking into considerations that Ukrainians are one of the most singing nations, be ready to listen to many professional performances. But do not worry about your musical skills to much: people go to karaoke to sing for pleasure, to have some cocktails, take part in different contests, dance or just have a good time. The groups of friends usually join in singing the visitors whom they never knew before, so feel free to talk, sing, dance and make friends with locals.

№10. Sunrise at the Saint Volodymyr Hill


When karaoke bars are closing it is the best time to go and watch the sunrise in Kyiv. Nothing can grant you with better sunrises than Saint Volodymyr Hill.  You can admire the Dnipro river from here and also the place overlooks the left bank of the city because of its location on the hill. The place is also very convenient for meeting daybreak because the sun rises from the left ban of Kyiv and if the weather is good you will see everything in the morning sunlight.

Be ready to see plenty of beautiful things in Kyiv and turn this 10-things-plan into reality. If you need a guide, giving you the background to all these places and introducing to Ukrainian culture, history and modern life, book you Awesome Kyiv Author Tour – as awesome as you are!

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  1. Daryl LeBeau 22.02.2016 — 04:55

    Plan to visit that country in three years.


  2. For some reason, the Funicular is closed in the summer months for annual repair. The Zoloti Vorota Metro station is absolutely beautiful. Don’t miss the Ivan Honchar Museum.


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